Text similarity checker powers the study and the research processes. Learn and employ the principles of good academic practice by using Identific (former OXSICO).

checking solution

Solution combines several different technologies and techniques to detect and prevent plagiarism. Some of the key components include a text matching algorithm, natural language processing, a database of sources, analysis, detection of cheating techniques and AI recognition.

129 languages

Our algorithms work perfectly with a variety of writing systems including Greek, Latin, Arabic, Aramaic, Cyrillic, Georgian, Armenian, Brahmic family scripts, Ge'ez script, Chinese characters and derivatives (including Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese).

Extended scoring

In addition to text similarity score, we analyze and provide scores for:

  • paraphrasing

  • correct and improper quotations

  • issues (anti-cheating technology)



Delegate Your Responsibilities

At OXSICO, you can create a flexible structure of three academic units, seven roles, and permissions. Your lecturers will not need to upload documents themselves. All routines, such as paper uploads, can be delegated directly to students.

Maintain Personal Databases

You can create and use a personal database with OXSICO. Adding documents to your database enables document-todocument comparisons. With OXSICO, you can be sure that there will be no duplicate documents uploaded within your organization

Control Limitations

You can set up different limitation settings for more in-depth control of your users. Divide and split rights between branches or departments, as well as set the upload limit for different users.

Data Protection

We follow all international data privacy protocols, including FERPA, COPPA, and GDPR regulations. Your institution's data is securely stored and processed in your region.

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